Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy is the process of stimulating the external ear's auricles to diagnose and treat ailments in different body areas. Stimulation of ear reflex sites on their surface is sometimes referred to as auricular treatment. Manual pressure applied to certain areas on the ear can also stimulate them; this technique is known as ear reflexology or auricular acupressure.

The external ear is directly connected to the meridians. When there is pathology in a particular part of the body, meridians become clogged or blocked. Acupuncture seeds or needles inserted into designated acupressure spots can alleviate the pathophysiology and symptoms of a particular illness. Diverse auricular therapy viewpoints emphasize the use of the ear as a localized reflex system linked to the central nervous system rather than the acupuncture meridians.

Auricular Therapy's advantages :

By reducing nervous system activity, auricular treatment is a useful technique for maintaining your fitness. It provides pressure to particular ear locations. By stimulating ear sites, the auricular micro system can be used to treat conditions in various sections of the body. In addition to head and facial issues, it can treat illnesses of the chest, belly, lower back, and feet. Auricular therapy's main idea is that some sections of the brain have reflex connections to the body, and that these parts of the brain correlate to specific nerves in the skin that cover certain areas of the external ears. The management of chronic pain, drug detoxification from addictive substances, nausea alleviation, and hypertension reduction have been the most often documented applications of acupuncture therapy.

Hints to Auricular therapy:-

Toxic scars are a type of scar that can appear on the ear. It indicates that the organ in question has a blocked energy flow.