Aroma Therapy

An aromatherapy massage is a good method to indulge yourself by relieving the worries of daily life. It is a mild, soft, and relaxing massage that uses essential oils. The benefits of the carefully chosen and blended essential oils will endure for several days and provide a delightful perfume tailored to your unique needs.

What happens during an aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that was developed over 5000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians and uses essential oils that are taken from plants to promote both physical and emotional well-being. Due of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, this is a lovely method of treating a variety of illnesses and disorders. Through the respiratory system and skin, they enter the bloodstream. Aromatherapy encourages the body to repair itself, which leads to increased health and vigor. The potential for healing is enhanced when essential oils are used while being massaged.

Massage, which has been practiced since 3000 BC in China, is a natural and efficient means of treating both physical and mental health issues. It has positive effects on all bodily systems. By manipulating the body's soft tissues, especially the muscles, massage enhances neuronal transmission, digestion, elimination of waste and toxins, circulation, and muscle energy and relaxation. It also avoids spasms and encourages cell regeneration.

Some conditions an Aromatherapy Massage may help

Stress and stress related problems





Arthritis and rheumatism

Muscular aches and pains

Menstrual problems


Asthma and bronchitis


Coughs and Colds








Poor circulation