Seed Therapy

The center regularly and extensively uses seed therapy. The body becomes more efficient, blood circulation among the nerves is balanced, and the body's immunity is strengthened.

As a natural acupressure point stimulant, seeds are used in Sujok therapy. One can tie seeds, pulses, or legumes at the treated point following an acupressure treatment to provide additional life energy and promote speedy healing. The treatment consists of green grams, kidney beans, pears, wheat, mustard seeds, and grape seeds. Beans or seeds of the right color, shape, and size are chosen.

Benefits and comparison

Kidney , stomach – Rajma bean.

Intestine , veins, long bone – oats, brome gas.

Backbone , joints – bit of culm or carnation stem.

Eye – black pepper.

Heart – black gram.

Diabetes – grape seed, green gram, wheat seeds.

Deaf ear – green gram.

Brain related issues – walnut.