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Dr. Deepak chakaravarthy ,he was completed the Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogie Science on 2007 in government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical college,Chennai. When he was 20years old,His father was Suffered from gastricitis,Diabetes and heart Diseases with modern Medication gave him little relief. He firmly belived that this system could cure various diseases without any medicine and side effects at an affordable cost than other medicines.
He warited to establish a naturopathy Hospital in many places to share the benefit he derived from nature cure with others. Then he started the centre in dharmapuri(Tamil nadu) and successfully started in another branch in Hosur(Tamil nadu),and also he ware treated Autism childrens and he gave results on Many patients ,specialist for stroke and Rehabiltation centre (Deaddiction).

Every medical system's supreme faith rests not in preventive (or curative) measures, but rather on "Diagnosis," which is something we all contribute to. A notable mission, "Taste Pulse Diagnosis" is essential to our therapeutic success.

Dr.P.Deepak Chakaravarthy, BNYS,

Naturopathy, Yoga & Acupuncture consultant.


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Happy Patients

Best medical facilities and loving staff.
I am really feeling very happy to getting a treatment here the, way the staffs an doctor are treating me like a family, my hearts wishes to the hospital.

Vijay Naidu

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Excellent services & good behaviour to handle the patients satisfied with treatments.Thank you dr.deepak sir.


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Very effective treatment. I went with tremors in my hand and disturbance in mind. Within 7 sittings, I got cured. Doctor Deepak is very genuinely concerned and humane and has a healing touch.

Nalini Ramadoss Rajan

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Past 2 months I feel so un easy because of some issues in lower back after I have to came for this new life hospital after words the first time treatment was not so much of effect .Again I will do that same procedure after I feel much better ..Doctor way of speeching was so beautiful thank you sir ..

Amaresh Amar

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Very beautiful centre with traditional treatment.

Dr.Rihana sheikh

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